The secretary is a full member of the Competitions panel.
The role of secretary is delegated by the panel members.

Duties and responsibilities.

• Arrange for election of members, where appropriate, in liaison with Chair.
• Maintain up-to-date list of membership including category and length of tenure.
• In liaison with Chair, arrange date, time and venue for meetings
• Book appropriate facilities for meetings as required.
• Attend meetings and take notes of proceedings.
• Maintain archive records of the panel.

Prior to the meeting

• Work with the Chair for submission of agenda items and the receipt of any papers to be circulated with the agenda.
• Draft an agenda and meet with the Chair to agree it.
• Liaise with and coordinate non panel members making contributions to the panel.
• Circulate the agenda and all papers at least three working days before the meeting, usually by email.
• Receive and record any apologies from members.
• Read the papers circulated for the meeting.
• With the Chair, agree appropriate form of records, ie formal minutes, notes etc.

At the meeting

• Read list of apologies received.
• Take notes.
• If a panel member speaks quickly from a prepared script, ask for a copy.
• Request copies of any presentations for possible circulation to members and as an aid to minute writing.

After the meeting

• Agree the draft minutes with the Chair.
• Circulate the draft minutes to members.