Safety Committee

  • The Safety Officer must select 4 additional suitable pilots to be on the safety committee. Each pilot should have a reliable radio and demonstrate clear communication skills when flying. In the Nationals it is desirable that one member of the safety committee is a local pilot i.e. has detailed knowledge about weather and terrain.
  • The role of the safety officer is to co-ordinate the safety committee to ensure that decisions about the safety of a task are quickly accessed and communicated to the pilots and MD.
  • A task should be evaluated before it is briefed to the pilots.
  • Further evaluation of a task can be done at any point after a task has been briefed.
  • The safety officer must take on board comments from pilots and advise other members of the safety committee.
  • A decision to abandon a task must be made clear to the MD and will be based on a majority decision of all members in communication with the safety officer.