Local Organiser

This section has been split into two sub-sections, i.e. a set of roles only applicable to the local organiser for the Nationals and a set of roles that apply to both the Nationals and BOS.

  • Work with MD to develop a budget proposal for each competition.
  • Ensure all expenditure is within the competition budget. Receipts should be passed to MD to collate.
  • Contact local club to request permission to use their TO sites and landing fields/goal fields on given dates
    • Identify TO sites for all wind directions and communicate with competition panel and MD highlighting wind directions not supported and any rules, payments, issues associated with a site.
    • Communication should be documented in an email.
  • The location of the Meet headquarters should be agreed with MD and scorer and booked with hotel/pub/campsite etc
  • The local organiser should ensure that the required memento’s and awards are available at the competition.
  • If at all possible internet access (WiFi) will be made available to both organisers and competitors.
  • The local organiser should ensure that each flying site has a NOTAM raised, this should be done through the NOTAM officer in the UK.
  • Turn points and goal field coordinates will be made available on the website in a form that will allow them to be downloaded in to GPS and printed. Ideally each turnpoint and goal field will have its altitude in both meters and feet above sea level, in addition these points will be shown on a map (e.g. googlemaps) prior to the competition.
  • The social event should be arranged on a suitable day in agreement with the MD. The budget for the social event must be agreed with the competition panel prior to booking the event.
  • Supply information to go on website and in SkyWings for pilots:
    • Location (postcode,OS coordinates, map) of scoring room and briefing
    • List local accommodation (web page, telephone no’s etc)

Nationals specific

  • The national hanggliding association and local authorities must be approached to request permission and ensure that the competition does not overlap with other competitions.
  • Work with MD to arrange that launch lanes are defined and one or more windsocks are available at launch and at all goal fields.
  • Arrange for an Assistant and one or more Launch Marshalls (Note: Launch Marshalls must be covered by BHPA insurance) to help the MD as deemed necessary.
  • At the nationals a basic map should be sourced and supplied to each competitor. Ideally this will have turnpoints and significant airspace restrictions marked on it.
  • At the Nationals a mechanism must be set up to allow a NOTAM to be raised by the MD each day based on flying site and task.
  • Optional:
    • Arrange drinks and Ice Creams for the Goal field (Budget to be agreed by panel)
    • A basic lunch for launch (bread/fruit/water)
    • Setup a facility to allow broadcasting SMS messages to pilots and retrieve drivers (e.g. briefing times, launch location, task cancellation etc)