Guidelines for Protests


B1.1 You should make it clear

what you are protesting against e.g. against a decision that you infringed a rule (or rules) or against the penalty awarded for that infringement (10% points, DSQ etc).

B1.2 It may be that you wish to protest

both e.g. "I protest against the decision that I infringed Rule ##. In addition I believe the penalty awarded to be too severe if I had infringed that rule".

B1.3 It is possible to protest against a decision

concerning another pilot only if that decision or the associated penalty affects your own position or score.

B1.4 If you are protesting against more

than one thing you should keep your reasons, explanations etc. separate so as to assist the Jury.

B1.5 For each element of your protest you should state (where applicable):

(a) The reason you believe the decision or penalty is wrong (quoting Rule numbers if they support your case). E.g. it may be that the penalty is at variance with the guidance given in the rule book or that you believe another pilot has been treated differently in similar circumstances.
(b) Any witnesses you believe will support your version of events.
(c) Any mitigating factors.

B1.6 Where possible you should

submit written evidence from any supporting witnesses with your protest.


B2.1 First check that the protest

has been received within the time specified in Section 4.3

B2.2 You should consider the matters

under protest solely in the light of the rules and guidance contained in this rule book. After all, the other pilots are obeying the rules as they are published.

B2.3 You should consider each element

of a protest separately. It is possible that one element may be sustainable and another misconceived.

B2.4 You may not set aside a ruling

or penalty which is not the subject of a protest i.e. if the protest is only against the ruling or judgment you may not alter the penalty given and if the appeal is only against the penalty you may not set aside the judgment.

B2.5 Where a protest is against

a decision or penalty imposed by the Meet Director (as most inevitably will be) you should invite him to justify his actions, either verbally or in a writing for consideration by the Jury.

B2.6 You should examine the clarity

of the rule which has been infringed and comment upon this if you feel this to be necessary.

B2.7 You should ensure that the penalty

given is in line with, firstly the guidance in the rule book and secondly with precedent. Also that there has been equal treatment in the awarding of penalties.

B2.8 You should set out in writing

your judgement on each element of the protest, making clear whether each is accepted or rejected, giving your reasons for your decisions and, in cases where a protest is upheld, stating what should be done to right the matter. These should be signed and dated by all members of the Jury.

B2.9 You should hand your written

judgment, together with the original protest documents to the Competitions Panel Chairman.

B2.10 You should include any recommendations

regarding changes to the existing rules that you feel are appropriate.