The Chairman is elected by the members of the Panel.

“The Panel is responsible for the fair, effective and impartial administration of UK hang gliding competitions, the selection of national teams and any UK representation at other international hang gliding events” (excerpt from the constitution)
The role of the HG Comps Panel Chairman is, therefore, to enable that administration by directing the Panel in their duties. The Chairman should also complete specific duties including:

  1. Arrange date/time of meetings.
  2. Produce agenda for meetings.
  3. Chair meetings ensuring proper debate and fair decisions in accordance with the constitution. If unavailable for a meeting, the Chairman can delegate the position to another Panel member.
  4. Approve minutes.
  5. Disseminate information to Skywings/Cross Country magazine/Website as required. This includes Panel decisions, competition dates and Team selections
  6. Liaise with BHPA Exec including annual report for AGM.