2020 competition season requests

Dear Hang gliding Competition Pilots,
As the 2019 competition season comes to an end, planning begins for the forthcoming 2020 events.
In 2020 we have 2 competitions which may interest pilots The panel would like to invite all pilots who would like to put themselves forward to be considered for selection for these events to do so before the 4th October 2019
1. Florida
2nd FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Sport Class, 14th FAI Women’s World Hang Gliding Championships, 9th FAI World Hang Gliding Championships Class 5, . The dates for both championships are Sunday April 19th through Friday, May 1st, 2020. to be held in Florida USA.

2.Monte Cucco,
Italy Class 1 European Championships 4th to 18th July 2020

Please could you indicate your desire for consideration to myself Tim King  along with a few short paragraphs if you so wish containing additional information with which the panel will take into consideration during team selection.
As indicated  here,half the team is selected in an objective manner according to points from WPRS competition scores and the other half through more qualitative consideration of pilots performance and attributes.
The remaining team selections will not just be down to scores / performance but will take into account how a pilot could positively contribute to the British Team utilising additional skillsets that a person may have.
You may wish for example, to comment on your recent performances during competitions, but also on how you could be a positive influence to the team, be it tactics and outlook or how your contribution would support the Team ethos.
Above all else The UK team members are ambassadors to the country and the elected Pilots are chosen to represent Great Britain in our unique sport and as such the highest levels of sportsmanship and integrity are key values.
We will also be looking for a team manager to complement and support the team at the European event. If you would like to be considered for the position of Team Manager (see here) your application is similarly requested.
Please note that making an indication to the Panel that you intend to enter isn’t a guarantee for funding. Any funds and their allocation will be discussed at the scheduled panel meeting shortly after 4th October.
There will also be a Pre-World championships in Krushevo , Macedonia and if you are considering entering , please let the panel know so we may be able to assist in coordinating pilots and our championship events

Kind Regards
Tim King British Competitions Panel Chairman