WPRS data base

The CIVL WPRS holds competition  details of competing pilots database.
If you are register on this database then you can edit your details at any time to up date things like  your glider details and sponsorship.
Keeping it upto date is useful to scorers and scoring admin as the program used can draw these details and add them to the competition participants list.
It is not unknown for a pilot to have  two or more entries in the DB as different names and / or incorrect CIVL ID have been used. 
an example might me  Tony / Anthony, Dave /  David

There are two parts to this exercise.

Part one: are you registered in the database ?

go here :-  http://civlrankings.fai.org/FL.aspx?a=308

you will have a box to enter your name then click [find]
You should see something like this:-
wprs 1.JPG

If you see your name has [register] to the right, then you have not registered before.
Please click the register link and follow the directions given.

Part 2 : Editing your details

To edit your details go here :-

If you are like Bill Bell and have 128 different email addresses you might have a problem otherwise enter  your email address (if its wrong it will tell you after a few seconds.
If you can remember your password then enter that, otherwise hit the [login with email only]

Once logged in you will betaken to "your details " page were you have a number of links to change things. 
wprs 2.JPG

Hopefully it should be a case of "Job done"

If for some reason you have failed miserably please contact us using the {contact us] link on this site and we will see what we can do to help.