Task Setting Committee

The Task Advisory Committee (TAC) are responsible for advising the Meet Director (MD) on the task for the day. The TAC should consist of up to 3 pilots who have significant competition experience and experience of flying in the local area. The committee may be either a formal committee voted in at the start of the competition or an informal committee convened on a day to day basis. This is at the MD's discretion. The MD is responsible for completing the task board and briefing the task.

Issues that should be considered in setting the task include:

Experience of the field
Safety - If conditions are marginal consult with the Safety Committee early to avoid repeated changes to the task

The TAC should advise on all elements of the task setting that are defined on the task board.

For the BOS the TAC should typically be aiming to achieve 30% in goal, however on particularly good days longer tasks can be set.