Source from panel agreed scoring parameters and database implementation for:-

  1. Nationals
    • Flex Class
    • Sports Class
    • Rigid Class
  2. BOS
    • Main Class
    • Rigid
    • Club Class


  1. All scoring programs are up to date including
    • FScomp
    • GPS Dump
    • See You (airspace)
  2. All equipment is functioning correctly including
    • laptop/s
    • Printers
    • Screen/s
    • I/O systems and leads

Pre Competition Administration

  • Develop and implement on-line registration forms for all Competitions
  • Make the output of above available to the Meethead
  • Make pilot list available for publication to website as upto date as possible.
  • Ensure that airspace checking program is up to date with most recent working version.

Competition Administration

  • Work closely with the Meethead to ensure registration of pilots is completed
  • Prepare competition database ready for downloads
  • Ensure all tracklogs are downloaded and scores produced on a daily basis
  • Be prepared to check tracks for airspace issues using "SeeYou" or similar
  • Print scores for pilot examination as soon as possible
  • Seek conformation that scores reflect the tasks. (assistance from key pilots helps here, especially when two pilots come in close together.)
  • Deal with complaints and errors (There will be some)
  • If time allows publish scores on web site.

Post Competition Administration

  • Deal with any aftermath that the meethead brings to your attention
  • Ensure all results are posted to website
  • Provide WPRS results to the civl comps officer