Notam Organiser

The Notams is an officer appointed by the panel.

In addition to the day-to-day duties and responsibilities the Notams Officer will also advise the panel on policy setting in respect of Notams as required by the Chair or Meet Director.

Duties and responsibilities.

Issuing Notams

  • Agree in consultation with the Meet Director for the scope, format and timescale of Notams to be issued in respect of each competition.
  • Draft in suitable format such Notams as are required for each competition.
  • Arrange for the dissemination of Notams through the AIS in advance of the competition and in adequate time to allow the Notam system to distribute the Notams.
  • Update or clarify Notams in the light of site changes.
  • Notify the Military low flying freefone service for weekday competitions.
  • Act as, or delegate, a point of contact for telephone Notam queries.
  • Issue Notam cancellations where appropriate.

Reporting Notams

  • Advise the Meet Director in a timely manner of any Notams that may affect task setting.
  • Produce a daily digest of Notams that may affect task flying for each day of the competition in time for the first briefing.
  • Give verbal or written clarifications of the days Notams at the briefing as required by the Meet Director