Meet Director

Rule book: Responsible for the running of Competitions within the championships. He/she is responsible to and appointed by the Panel.

The Meet Directors prime responsibility is to ensure the safe running of the event and pilot safety. At all times safety overrides all other issues. He/she is responsible for initiating, cancelling, stopping or suspending a task when he/she or the safety committee determine that the continuation of the task would be unacceptably dangerous.

The Meet Director should be fully conscious of the events objectives and work actively towards achieving these objectives. The MD is to create an atmosphere and environment to encourage, support and promote fair competition, active pilot participation, the development of pilot’s competitive skills.

The Meet Director is responsible for the co-ordination of all other officials associated with the competition i.e. Scorer, Assistant, Launch Marshall's, NOTAM advisor, Weather advisor etc
Ensure that all competitors are registered and have

  • Appropriate medical insurance (when outside the UK for UK based pilots)
  • Have proof of BHPA membership (for UK pilots)
  • Correct qualifications
  • Glider is certified or registered
  • Entry fee paid.
  • Local contact details
  • Insurance emergency contact details

The Meet Director will give an initial briefing of pilots on procedures on the first day. For a Category 2 event (in accordance with FAI Section 7A) the Director must give a safety briefing to all pilots prior to the commencement of flying.

·Logistics & Procedures

  • Establish meet centre working closely with scorer.
  • Procedures – agree & establish local procedures for sign in, sign out, daily routine
  • Test equipment - radio comms, mobile phones.
  • Design, agree & implement safety & communication procedures taking account of local conditions (country/language etc & remote/on the mountain) in event of emergency
  • Design, agree & implement task cancel/stop procedure with Safety Officer
  • Establish contacts with local skills & knowledge such as local pilots, emergency services, weather data, language support for emergencies etc.
  • Day-to-day management of income, reconciliation of expenses, budget etc.
  • Create and update Meet Directors event log detailing times and events.
  • Coordinate and manage various roles such as, weather advisor, task committee & safety committee to achieve smooth running of the event

with task setting committee, safety committee and weather advisor to set a task for each day.

  • This includes being aware of airspace and NOTAMS
  • Initiate, via advisor, a NOTAM each day if required
  • Constant monitoring of safety channel
  • Briefing of weather & task, congratulating the previous day’s winner, encouraging winner to describe flight, handing out day prizes (if competition support day prizes).
  • Orchestrating the safe launch of pilots with help of a launch marshal
  • This includes the managing of launches when someone is pushing (see rule book).
  • Recording the time of launch-able conditions.
  • Working with safety committee when they determine that flying should be abandoned.
  • Maintaining a list of radio frequencies so pilots can be informed that the task has been suspend/stopped.
  • Working with the Scorer to ensure that GPS traces are processed in a timely fashion and the results are disseminated to the pilots prior to the next day’s task (if possible).
  • Deal with complaints and protests as per rulebook.
  • Account for all pilots at the end of the day
  • Initiate appropriate actions if a pilot is found to be missing
  • Work with the local club and residents to ensure a cordial relationship is maintained.
  • Ensure, through the Local Organiser, that launch and goal fields are organised and any daily notification is given or fee’s are paid.
  • Run prize giving event at end of the competition.
  • Support and encourage, with the assistance of the Local Organiser and other panel members, the fun element of the competition i.e.
    • Social events
    • Day prizes (winner)
    • Spot prizes (for noticeable achievements)
  • Collate all income and expenses incurred while running each individual competition and present this information with receipts (where possible) to the Treasurer
    • This includes excepting cash and cheques from competitors and depositing this money in the competition bank account.
  • Awards, mementos, Accommodation, food, drinks, Assistant costs, maps etc ..