Entry Membership Secretary

To promote and make available via Skywings and websites the entry forms for UK competitions.

To receive forms and check that they are fully completed.
This task is usually split between the Meethead, Scorer, and webmaster

To bank all cheques into the British Hang Gliding Competition account and to keep the treasurer updated on these transactions.

  1. To keep a record and be accountable for all cash received.
  2. To check BHPA status of all entered pilots with the BHPA office prior to the competitions.
  3. If the entry secretary is not also the Meethead, to ensure that the Meethead has copies of all completed forms.
  4. To liaise with the webmaster to update the pilot list on the website on a frequent basis.
  5. To collate and record entry data including:
    1. Personal details,
    2. BHPA no and rating,
    3. Local club,
    4. Glider type and class,
    5. Emergency contact details,
    6. Competition dates, venues and costs,
    7. Payment details and address to be sent,
    8. Risk waiver statement,
    9. Late entry statement- "Pilots will have to produce BHPA membership card or entry will be refused if their entry has not been presented 2 weeks prior to the start of the competition."