Emailing IGC files for BOS Scoring

Copy and pasted from an email - AND the second part added relates to using a micro SD card with a SD card adapter with 6030/Compeo+ and Android phone.

Gordon posted about this last year, so I bought the kit and this round I tried it out a few times. For 90p (the cost of the cable) it has to be worth a go and gives you something to do while waiting for your retrieve.

Essentially, you use your Android phone with the GPSDump application and an "OTG" (On The Go) USB cable to give your phone a USB socket. You then read igc file from your GPS and email to the scorer. Particularly useful for late retrieves which otherwise hold up final day scoring or if you do not need to otherwise go back to base.

To set your phone up with this capability:

1. Buy an OTG cable such as
1. Optionally buy an additional GPS cable to permanently store in your harness, e.g. a small mini USB cable for Brauniger would be
2. Install GPSDump for Android from the Google Play store
3. Install "ES File Explorer", may or may not need this to attach the igc file to an email
4. Create a folder in your "My Files" on the phone called, say, "igc" for convenience

To download and send in the trace:

1. Plug in the USB OTG cable
2. Connect your GPS to the OTG cable
3. Run GPSDump
4. Press [GPS] READ
5. Select GPS type
6. Select tracklog - it will then download and show you some statistics, if it fails, try again
7. Click [FILE] WRITE and fill in the details
8. Select to save as an igc file
9. Save it in your .igc folder, add your name to the filename to assist
10. Create an email as normal, attach the file, email to the Scorer
From memory so please excuse any minor mistake.

Hope this helps,


Micro SD card and SD adapter:

Another alternative if you don't want your phone GPS running all the time, don't want extra cables to lose or can't get GPS Dump for Android to work and you have a 6030/Compeo+ and an Android phone with a micro SD card slot (Sorry Apple followers this is another thing that won't work for you).
Get a micro SD to SD adapter, and put that in your 6030 with a micro SD card in it. With the latest firmware it automatically records an igc file on your SD card every flight. Simply pop the micro SD card in your phone and email the igc file.


I (Mike A) tried this following Bruce Kavanagh's suggestion (above).
I expect you could replace the Compeo+'s SD card permanently with a Micro SD card and SD adapter, but the way I have just done it is to use a spare Micro SD card (128mb seems plenty big enough).
Steps as follows;
1) Take out Compeo+'s SD card.
2) Replace with Micro SD card and SD adapter.
3) On Flights screen, select the flight you want to email and press save to SD card.
4) Take out Micro SD card and SD adapter and replace the Compeo+ SD card.
5) Insert Micro SD card in your Android phone.
6) Find and select the file in the My Files app, select share (via email or Gmail).
7) Send to Phil.
8) Relax and go to the pub rather than rushing back to base.