Brauniger / Flytec on Windows 8.1

If you connect up your Compeo / 6030 or any other instrument that uses the 'Prolific' USB-Serial driver to Windows 8, the chances are it won't work unless it's a new one.  The reason is that Prolific dropped support for the older chips in Windows 8.


A quick step guide is given below:

1. Uninstall old drivers as per
2. Download the zip file from and copy the contents to, say, the desktop
3. Switch on your instrument and connect to the PC
4. Go the Control Panel > System > Device Manager and expand "Ports (COM & LPT)".  If you don't have a menu to get to the control panel from (see below) you can right click on the desktop and select "Personalise" and work back from there.
5. You should see it saying "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port" but with a yellow warning symbol
6. Right click and select "Update Driver Software"
7. Select Browse my computer for driver software
8. Click "Let me pick"
9. Click "Have disk"
10. Click browse and choose the folder you copied from the zip file in step 1
11. Click Next
12. It should now install and the warning symbol should have disappeared
13. Note the COM port number it has assigned
14. In GPSDump go to Misc > Set COM Port and select the number you noted in step 12

You are now all set up, and in future all you will need to do after connecting and switching on your instrument is:

14. On the Compeo go into the root menu (long press on OK)
15. You should now be able to download tracks / transfer waypoints

All the above incidentally is an awful lot easier on Windows 8 if you give yourself the start menu back.  This is easily achieved by installing the free 'Classic Shell' from

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