5.1.5 Guidelines for Discretionary Selection

  • Posted on: 2 November 2015
  • By: admin

Competition attendance by candidates may affect team selection on the basis that others are unable to compete against absentees. All pilots should endeavour to keep the panel secretary apprised of their intentions and availability for selection.

The following factors will be considered by the panel in making their selections. They are listed in approximate order of priority. For all competition and task results the quality of competition will be considered i.e. other competitors, tasks and conditions.

  • Overall results in past Cat 1 comps
  • Task results in Cat 1 comps
  • Overall results in British Nationals
  • Task results in British Nationals
  • Overall results in “Pre” comp applicable to selection
  • Task results in “Pre” comp applicable to selection
  • Overall result in Cat 2 comps
  • Task results in Cat 2 comps
  • Results in British Open Series
  • Performance in similar terrain
  • Experience at competition venue


  • Team Characteristics
    • Positive team influence
    • Positive outlook even when not flying well
    • Support for other team members not performing optimally
    • Contribution to team task & tactic discussions
    • Positive use of radio
    • Ability to contribute and listen
    • Balance of consistency and risk in the team

All pilots putting themselves forward for selection should include in their case for selection a list of the pilots that they would select (excluding themselves) with reasons for their selection. This is to assist the selectors who may have less first hand experience of the pilot’s recent international competition performance than the other pilots up for selection.

The BHPA expects its pilots to “play hard but fair”, upholding the good name of British sportsmen and women at all times. Selected pilots must maintain an appropriate level of discipline and moral behaviour as ambassadors of Great Britain.